Divine Mother Multi-Gong Healing Journey!

12th May, 2018


Join Malkaprem Beloved and the Yoga Plus Herbs Community in a Returning Home of the Divine Feminine Healing Spirit !

Through restorative Kundalini and Tantra stretches (optional, no experience needed),
guided Kundalini Meditations, and over an hour of Sound Vibrational Healing, you will uncover your true relaxed resonance, melting into a state of deep inner Peace and Love!

Simply by laying down in a very relaxed position (or seated), you will receive the vibrational sound waves coming off of 3 Gongs! As the Gongs play, calming tones will vibrate through the entire nervous system. You will receive an opening, clearing and recharging of the whole mind, body and spirit!

In addition, you’ll be treated to a Smudge Blessing, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, one-of-a-kind Quartz Crystal “Whirling Dervish Sound Wand” Individual personal-treatment, and Much More!!!

Loving Communion is the result!

Preregistration Required
Energy Exchange: $35

Contact Yoga Plus Herbs Early to attend.

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